The other day I was wondering why, if someone has a happy life, no one talks about it. If everything is fine, if you're happy with your life, with your family, you don't usually talk about it. And yet there are fewer and fewer happy people, and it would be good to see, it would be good to give them a voice, that happiness does exist, that there are not only dramas in life, but also beautiful stories. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

You're happy when you find your life partner. It is obviously one of the greatest joys because of love. Yet we talk more about finding a partner and relationship problems than about where and how we found the one. Most of the time, you don't have to travel around the world, you don't have to spend a lot of money to meet someone. You have to go out into the world with open eyes and an open heart, go outdoors, go to events, be nice to people, and your good looks will attract the person you find your match with. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

A girl is happy when the man in her life finally decides to propose and they can organise the wedding. There are plenty of weddings, and yet we hear more about weddings gone wrong, relationships gone wrong, divorces. Many people also experience wedding planning as a huge stress, mainly because they expect too much from the big day. The couple wants everything to be perfect, with as many people as possible, and with the most fuss. But a small wedding is less stressful, and it's better not to be over it all on the big day, but rather to live the moment, the happy "yes", the smiling faces of happy parents, family and friends, not the million-dollar bill and the endless stress. If there are fewer of you, you can react to an unexpected event more easily than if you had 120 people to notify.

The greatest joy in a marriage is the birth of a child. It would be good if everyone could experience this and if every child could be born and grow up in a loving family. Unfortunately, as we know, this is not the case for everyone.

Nowadays, we hear more about the difficulties of raising children than about how joyful this time is. But when you cheer those first steps, those first words, those first years, when you see the world opening up to your child, it fills your heart with joy. These are the moments that help you through the difficulties, and believe me, if you focus on the good things instead of the complaining, you will end up seeing parenting as a struggle, not a struggle. Obviously life is full of things to do, but if you take a positive approach to the things you face and trust that you can do it, you will have far fewer setbacks and far more successes in life.

Of course, it is not the usual "norm" that makes someone happy. They don't have children, they don't settle down, but I think a happy life is within their reach. A new apartment, buying a new house, starting a career can make you just as happy. If things go well, the media can't report on it as much as if a celebrity marriage falls apart or a business goes bankrupt.

Fortunately, we do occasionally see articles where successful people, celebrities in long relationships, are asked what their secret is. Unfortunately, there are still only a few of these articles on the Internet and in newspapers, although it would be so much better to broadcast the good, to show the good to the world. Then perhaps more people would believe that they too could have a successful and happy life.

Obviously, you have to do everything, you can't wait for the pigeon to roast, but by paying attention, driving less, complaining less, you've already done a lot towards a better life.

I recently came across an interview where 81-year-old Cecília Esztergályos was asked what the secret of her marriage was. The first thing she said was, "Let's let each other live. How right you are.

Even in your daily routine, stop sometimes, give thanks for what you have, believe that everything will come when it's time, and notice the beautiful things in the world around you. Think positive, don't complain!

Many people look at you strangely, smile when you stop to admire a bush, a flower, when you stop to watch the sunset. We look strangely at those who don't have a car, even though it's nice to sit on the bus on the way home and just look at the world, at nature changing every day. Emptying your mind on the way and getting home in peace, instead of stressing out in traffic. It's when you notice the deer in the field or the kitten hiding in the bushes. You don't notice this while driving because you're paying attention to the road and traffic.

I say don't look at the other person as strange when they comment on how wonderful something is. I really like talking to people like that because it always gives me hope that others can see the beauty and joy in life.

When a random colleague walks into the office, he looks out the window and remarks how happy he is to see the mammoth pine trees 2 streets away, and how nice it is that they can be seen from far away. 🙂

Notice the ordinary beauties of the world, because this will give you happiness too!






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