Boho winter outfit

It's good to be a bohemian, a friend of mine said not so long ago. Okay, but what do bohemians do in winter?

The more adventurous can still travel the world in a motorhome, but most are forced to switch to winter mode.

It's part of the daily routine to put on 10 layers of clothes if you don't want to freeze waiting for the bus. It's a time for boho hats, big, colourful knitted scarves, warm padded leggings, knee socks and the like.

My personal favourite is long knit dresses, which are comfortable and with a warm pair of leggings can be cosy enough for the daily rush. Add a comfortable boot, leggings or knee socks and you've got extra protection.

On top of the dress, you can add a warm, padded jacket and even a colourful poncho. Even to describe it is lengthy, let alone put it on. 😀 Of course, when the minuses come, there's nothing to do.

At home, the lucky ones can curl up by the fireplace with an exciting book and some hot chocolate or tea, or even watch a film with their partner.


Let's see what ideas I found on Pinterest:

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