Boho Summer

What is a bohemian summer like? I feel like we've experienced it this year. Of course, I don't mean mainly the programmes, because there were plenty of them. If you can stomach it, you can find a festival to suit you week after week in our little country.

Unfortunately, the weather was really changeable. We've got used to the weather getting worse at the weekend, but no one thought that we'd have to pull out our little jackets and long trousers again at the beginning of August.

And there's nothing better than being able to jump around at midnight to your favourite singer's concert in the summer heat, or enjoy the falling stars at night in the back garden with your partner and some refreshing company.

Now, when you leave home for a festival, you don't know where to put your raincoat and wellies, because you're going to need them.

But even warm summer rain has its romance. If you've never stepped out in the summer rain, this year, if it's still in the 30s, make sure you try it and enjoy the rainbow that emerges from the dark clouds.


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