How can you tell if you are a bohemian?

Like the bohemian style, but not sure if it's for you? Here are some characteristics that are true of bohemians.

  1. You hate rules and being told what to do

    Bohemians are rebels by nature. They also don't like the mainstream media telling them how to dress and behave.
    If you find articles about things like "What not to wear at 40" outrageous, you might be a bohemian.

  2. They do not like 8-16 hour working hours

Of course, this doesn't mean that bohemians don't work in an office with such a work schedule, because everyone has to support themselves, but simply that they have a desire for freedom, that they don't feel comfortable in such a bound order and sooner or later they will break out of the office.

      3. Music from the radio is not for you

Bohemians enjoy the unique sound. Shallow lyrics and unoriginal music designed for the masses is not a bohemian

      4. You hate the uniform

 Do you feel like you've lost your identity in your school or work uniform? The majority of bohemians express themselves through the way they dress, and if this is taken away for the sake of uniformity, they feel they have lost a bit of themselves.

      5. You don't follow trends

Isn't it fun to look like everyone else? Bohemians are extraordinary individuals who should never be told what to wear. They also like to express themselves through the way they dress.

     6. You don't judge others just because they're weird

Bohemians do not judge others for their lifestyle. Their main policy is "live and let live".

     7 . Interested in the culture of others

Not content with their own culture, bohemians try to learn about the cultures of other nationalities and incorporate what they like into their own dress. That's what makes every bohemian look so unique.

    8. Feeling empty if you can't create something

One of the main things that makes a bohemian a bohemian is an extreme desire to create. Art, music, prose, poetry, film, clothing, interior design, dance, food, anything! Creativity is in their heart and soul, and if a bohemian finds themselves in a situation where they can't create, it drives them crazy.


What do you think? Did you know yourself?

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