How to be a bohemian mum?

Just as you can be bohemian in lifestyle, clothing and diet, you can be bohemian in raising children. As a practising mum for almost 3 years now, I have realised that there can be differences in parenting style.

Caring parenting, and outstanding care, I think is a fundamental thing for bohemian moms. They're the ones who don't let their baby cry, who think it's important to breastfeed their baby for as long as possible, and to carry him or her as long as they can.

When the child is a little older and can be taken to the playground, bohemian mums follow their child, follow their every move and participate in most of the games. Whether it's climbing, swinging or playing in the sand, the bohemian mum will certainly not go to the playground in her latest stilettos, because she knows that for play to be fun, she needs comfortable clothes and shoes.

Of course, when you're tired of playing, there's always healthy snacks and drinks to relax with, because we think it's important that children are healthy from a young age and don't get used to foods that are too sugary or too salty. You don't necessarily have to think that everything is organic. It is enough to give your child only the vegetables, fruit, baked goods, meat and cold cuts that are found in everyday life. However, it is worth making sure that the products contain as few additives as possible

Bohemian parents don't feel burdened by their children, they want to spend every minute with them, and they don't mind if the child sleeps best when they are around.

This kind of caring is part of a balanced childhood.

The bohemian parent also doesn't feel it's important to spoil their child with everything, quality time together is more important. Of course, he gives him what he needs, but he tries to teach him the true value of things.

Of course, a bohemian parent won't pass up a child if they want to go to a festival. Fortunately, more and more festivals are now taking into account the need for parents to bring their children to a multi-day festival, so there are now many places where children's activities are available. Of course, this won't be the party-filled, self-destructive festival experience you used to have, but you won't miss out on your favourite programmes and concerts with your child. Of course, it is of paramount importance that the child comes first and that they are properly relaxed, entertained and protected.

So bohemian parents like to take their children with them in every situation, to involve them in joint activities, because they know that those few years will fly by, so it's worth spending as much quality time with the family as possible.



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