What a bohemian garden is like?

Winter has arrived, and with it the time spent in the garden is limited to shovelling snow.

However, if you want to be close to nature in winter and have the means to do so, it's worth creating a winter garden in your hom

to enjoy moments in nature in winter.

What is a good winter garden like?

First of all, it is full of greenery and large windows that can be opened wide in the summer to access the outside garden.

And in winter, you can enjoy the sight of snowfall through it.

At Christmas, you can decorate it with lots of twinkling lights and even put up your Christmas tree.

For your comfort, you can install bean bags, hanging swings. Even a dining table to sit around. You can put a fireplace in there so you don't catch a cold while you're enjoying the moment.

I found some pictures on Pinterest to illustrate how great it can be to have a winter garden.







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