The bohemian diet

The bohemian lifestyle is also about loving and protecting nature. So many people choose the most environmentally friendly diet, vegetarianism. Of course, it is not a compulsory element, but more and more people are leaving meat out of their diets.

Many people change because of conviction, many for health reasons. Personally, I am not yet a vegetarian, but my husband has recently decided that he wants to be one. So we have to make our daily cooking routine include vegetarian food, preferably not in the way that I cook for half a day. So recently, stews, vegetable creams and casseroles have become common on our table. It's also made our diet much more varied, so I'm happy with this decision.

Personally, I love salads, I like to make them. I like a tasty and varied mix, but I always choose some kind of meat to go with it. My husband only eats salads with toasted bread or boiled eggs.

I discovered vegetable creams during a previous diet, but now breakfasts and dinners are unthinkable without them. A single portion of tinned beans or lentils can make enough cream for several days, which is also healthy, without having to feed the vegetarian member of the family a plethora of cocoa snails and scones.

The cream is easy to make. I fry a head of onion, add the beans or lentils, fry them and mix with salt, pepper, mustard or mayonnaise. For a creamy consistency, you may also want to add olive oil and mash the whole thing.

Very tasty and filling when spread on toast.

You can make a vegetable cream from almost any vegetable, whether it's aubergines, pumpkin, courgettes, cauliflower, broccoli, and so on.

You can make a variety of vegetable pasta, stir-fried vegetables, mushrooms, and add fried or boiled potatoes for a filling meal on a low budget.

I also wrote the article because unfortunately most vegetarian cookbooks do not use cheap ingredients, so many people are scared that it is not easy and cheap to convert to vegetarianism.

It obviously takes imagination to make the switch, but in many cases it's more economical to make a meal than to opt for meat.

I encourage everyone to convert to vegetarianism, even if not completely, but a high percentage, your health will not regret



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