Bohemian approach to diversity acceptance

Lately I've been wondering how it is that some people become more accepting and others just accept what is in their style, lifestyle and world view.

Basically, I've always accepted the people around me as they are, I've never thought that anyone should be changed or belittled because they think, dress or live differently from me.

Unfortunately, thanks to the opportunities offered by the internet, many people nowadays think that they can tell others what to do.

This is increasingly the case not only in comments but also in videos posted on social networking sites. In some cases, such videos may provoke controversy, but the more cautious observer may feel that perhaps their own approach is not appropriate and needs to change. In some cases, especially if someone has gone off into harmful addictions, this may be the case, but otherwise we should not feel oppressed just because we see the world differently.

Of course the influencers, or opinion leaders, as someone put it in a nice Hungarian word, try to make us believe that we will only be somebody if we wear the brand they recommend or decorate our home in the style they recommend. Of course, because then he'll collect the profits from our purchases.

I believe that people are always shaped by what happens to them. When I was a child, I had the problem that some classmates simply didn't like the way I was, and they would say so, and it would lead to a discussion.

Maybe that's where I decided that I would never be like that. I think a bohemian attitude includes that. The people I've met in my life have somehow always believed that regardless of age, gender, style, sexual orientation, you have to accept everyone and be open to their world.

Interestingly, this acceptance is also noticed by others, which I think is a good thing. I think acceptance and inclusion is also a pillar of the bohemian lifestyle.

My advice to everyone is that if fate brings you together with someone at work, at school, or in a community who thinks differently from you, always try to get to know their point of view and thinking first, and only then form an opinion about them, but only one that is not offensive to the other person.

If you've noticed, I've taken all the advertising off the website, leaving only the activities of our family business.

Ha támogatni szeretnétek a munkámban, rendeljetek egy képet 😉




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