Zero Waste - mason jars

Do you have mountains of jars at home because you don't have the heart to throw them away? I guess that's how some of us ar

I've just given you some ideas of what they could be used for, in addition to organising them. Of course, to recycle, it is always recommended to remove the labels from the bottles to get an aesthetically pleasing result.

  1. Ordering
    Noodles, beans, lentils, biscuits, flour, sugar, all fit neatly in a jar. The end result is a neat and tidy cupboard where you don't have to worry about sugar and flour spilling over, or parasites attacking your food.
  2. You can use them as drinking glasses. Why spend thousands of dollars just to drink lemonade in the summer from a glass that looks like a jar when the attic is full of them?
  3. They are also excellent for storing food. Soups, stews, salads? Use jars instead of plastic containers, either in the fridge or to take away.
  4. The larger jars are also excellent for marinating meat. Why put it in plastic when it's just as good in glass?
  5. Don't have enough vases at home? Or maybe you've got a smaller/bigger bouquet than you can fit in your vase? Get a jar, the result will be just as beautiful as if you had put the flowers in a vase
  6. Plant herbs in the smaller jars and place them in the window. Always have fresh spices for your meals!
  7. Do you like making candles? Maybe you want to try the technique? Smaller jars, even baby food jars, are great for candle making, but they also make great candle holders.
  8. Do you work in Home Office and have a lot of office accessories? Don't know where to put paper clips, staples, pens, pencils? Use a jar for that too!
  9. If you're clever, you can even make a terrarium that will decorate your home for many years to come.
  10. Keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, beauty products, face wash cloths or make-up brushes in a jar. Don't just keep your kitchen cupboards tidy, keep your bathroom shelves tidy too! You can even keep your bobby pins, hair clips, nail clippers and other little things in there.
  11. You can also make great use of your jars for rooting plants!
  12. Paint brushes, paints? You can easily wash the paint out of the bottle, and if there's any left, just roll the top back on so it won't dry out.
  13. Do you love sewing and have lots of accessories? Threads, balls, needles, buttons, and lots and lots of little things. Everything can go in jars instead of plastic boxes.
  14. Did you bring home a little souvenir from the beach? Snails, shells, pebbles? Have you ever thought about what a beautiful composition it could be? Put it in a glass and enjoy the result!
  15. They are also great for gift giving. Have you made some biscuits or cooked a delicious jam? Tie a pretty ribbon around it and you've got a gift ready!

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