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I have always been interested in computer graphics and computer imaging. I've studied vector graphics, image editing, technical editing, but the real breakthrough for me came with artificial intelligence. I discovered the world of prompts - how to write good text for AI to display the image you want on the screen.

Because many people think that you just type in a few words and you have a work of art. In many cases this is not the case. Just as it is not true that the computer steals other people's pictures. Of course, it probably uses images available on the Internet to create the image, but to create the image you need, it has to create a combination of these images using a complex algorithm.

In my opinion, most graphic designers also draw inspiration from images available on the web, the difference is that they create great images by hand, and AI does it by programming.

So I got to know Nightcafe AI Art Studio and I've been enthusiastically perfecting my promt for months and now I feel I've found the style I want to represent.

I have posted the images on Redbubble and Society6, where they are available for purchase.

My Redbubble page:

My Society6 page:

If you are interested in artificial intelligence and how to write a good prompt, click here:

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