Goa style

Mi a goa stílus? A goa stílus egy elektronikus zenei műfaj, amely eredetileg a Goa tartományban, India nyugati partján alakult ki az 1980-as évek végén …

How to be a bohemian mum?

Just as you can be bohemian in lifestyle, clothing and diet, you can be bohemian in raising children. As a practising mum for almost 3 years, I've realised that you can be a boho in your parenting style.

Boho Summer

What is a bohemian summer like? I feel like we've experienced it this year. Of course, I don't mean mainly the programmes, because there were plenty of them. If you can stomach it, you can find a festival to suit you week after week in our little country.

The bohemian diet

The bohemian lifestyle is also about loving and protecting nature. So many people choose the most environmentally friendly diet, vegetarianism. Of course, it is not a compulsory element, but more and more people are leaving meat out of their diets.

Zero Waste - mason jars

Do you have mountains of jars at home because you don't have the heart to throw them away? I guess that's how some of us ar

digitális nomád

Digital Nomad lifestyle

The digital nomad lifestyle is part of modern bohemian life. It can be done from home, from cafes, or even from a camper van.